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About Dany Drug

Everything you wanted to know about your favorite brand . And even more.

Who are we ?

We are Dany Drug, a company established in France, in the heart of Paris in 75003. Our vocation is to create a bridge between art and enthusiasts, by simplifying the discovery and acquisition of contemporary works of art. Through our digital platform, you can not only order custom paintings handmade by Dany Drug, unique portraits, but also explore a range of clothing and accessories. We are here to offer you an artistic experience without borders.


Our online art gallery opens the doors to a universe of original and unique works. You have the freedom to order a personalized work, explore our collection of clothing and accessories, while listening to the latest musical creations from the exceptional artist, Dany Drug. We are here to help you explore art in all its facets.


Unlike the majority of players in the field, the works of art that you find on our site,, come exclusively from our exceptional workshop, recognized for its dedication and global impact. Each work put on sale on has been subjected to a double expertise, thus guaranteeing its quality and artistic value. Our commitment to the authenticity and quality of each piece is unwavering.


Our rigorous selection ensures exceptional quality and a safe purchasing experience. In addition, the prices that you will find on our online platform are identical to those you would encounter in a gallery. The only notable difference? With, we save you the trip! We put art just a click away, wherever you are.


Our commitment is to allow everyone to reveal their potential, whatever their origin or identity, from the comfort of their home, without having to travel. We believe in equal opportunities to explore all the wonders that can be accomplished. At, accessibility to the extraordinary is within everyone's reach, wherever you are.


Dany Drug, whose real identity is Daniel Ducarmel, emerges as a polymorphous self-taught French artist, driven by an unwavering passion for art. His rich and varied career spans the spheres of rap, music production, comedy, composition and painting. In 2019, with diversified experience in several sectors, he made his entrepreneurial dream a reality by giving birth to the company Dany Drug. Stemming from his childhood love of art, Dany Drug quickly made his talent known and developed his own brand, Fond Bleu, a unique shade created by himself. For him, this blue embodies timeless emotions such as hope, love and joy. Convinced that his destiny is intertwined with the world of art, he materializes this conviction by inaugurating "Dany Drug - L'atelier Galerie d'Art" in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, an address which will become the nerve center of his artistic expression . For two years, the gallery workshop becomes the sanctuary where Dany Drug sculpts and exhibits her creations, thus sharing her universe with the public. Driven by a thirst for new challenges and larger spaces to express his creativity, he opted for a more spacious gallery/workshop in the magnificent street in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, rue de Notre Dame de Nazareth. Then, after an artistic break in Charente-Maritime, he returned to the 3rd arrondissement, where it all began. For several months, this new address becomes the scene of a unique artistic experience. Dany Drug presents his creations, thus broadening his audience and forging links with souls sensitive to his fantastic artistic universe. This opportunity, although temporary, proves to be a major step in his journey, allowing him to meet exceptional individuals with whom he shares his love for art. Thus, Dany Drug embodies the spirit of a multidisciplinary artist who, thanks to his entrepreneurial audacity, was able to create a space where his talent can shine and touch the hearts of those who cross his path. His biography reflects a passionate journey, shaped by the love of art and the unwavering desire to share this passion with the world.

Our engagements

We are here for our customers, every step of their journey. Dany Drug,  embodies confidence, positivity and ambition.


We have designed collections that reflect all aspects of life, and with our international delivery service, our customers know they can count on us no matter what.


Above all, we firmly believe that art, fashion and music are fundamental rights, accessible to all, and not a luxury. Our mission is to make the latest trends affordable to everyone, everywhere.

We are Dany Drug. We don't tell stories. We express the meaning of art and painting with our own style..

And you are welcome.


Explore our site to discover your next source of inspiration. Create your own masterpiece, a custom, handmade, personalized oil canvas. Dive into our store to find unique clothing and accessories, while listening to the latest musical creations from Dany Drug.


At Dany Drug, creativity and happiness are limitless, and we invite you to be part of it.

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