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The Toucan's Joy Break on my Flip Flops

The Toucan's Joy Break on my Flip Flops

Dany Drug really thinks of everything! Clearly inspired by tropical summers, La Pause de Joie du Toucan on my Flip Flops, features two beautiful prints representing a Toucan on a tree branch. In addition to being very colorful, the flip flops are made using advanced technology that allows prints to be on the soles. The rubber sole is lined with a soft fabric to make sure you feel comfortable wherever you are.


• Rubber sole

• Customizable 100% polyester fabric lining

• Black Y-shaped rubber straps

• Foot shank style


    The thong is the iconic fit for surfers. Beyond the lifestyle and the symbol of sunny surf spots, it is also the ideal fit for before and after session: essential foot protection, simple, practical, easy to maintain and above all easy to put on and to take off, even with wet feet, without having to use your hands when they are caught by the equipment.


    Product tested by our teams, in collaboration with external testers, under conditions of use.

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